Welcome to the info centre of Cub100 in Warwickshire! Here you can find out everything you need to know about our celebrations for 100 years of Cubs.



Brought to you by the team behind Get In!, this year promises to be one to remember, for young people, young leaders, leaders – well, everyone!

Volunteers Needed for Camp   Bear-Grylls-bear-grylls-33657091-5000-3608

It’s that time, the time we need your help to make Cub 100 happen!
We are looking for volunteers to turn up and support Cub 100 camp.
Anyone who wants to join in the fun and is able to help, it’s simple!
We have set up an ‘Eventbrite’ sign up process to make life easier it asks for your basic contact information and when you are available.

Go on sign up, turn up and join the adventure!